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🔴 5|6 Grid Down Scenario – EXPOSED: What Happens 1 Week After? (Grid Down 2023)

(5 of 6) What Happens 1 Week After a complete Grid Down Scenario? – A Complete Disaster Timeline – Covering the full timeline of a National Power Outage and complete grid down scenario in 2023. I will be looking at day 1 of an electrical grid blackout to day 14 and tracking each disaster and failure as it happens. Understand the full scale of a national grid down blackout for 2023 and question our own vulnerabilities, weaknesses and threats. Join me every week for a new SHTF Scenario and Survival Strategy Scenarios.

Advanced Principles of Prepping (Mentioned in this video)
🔴 Prepping for SHTF 2023: Principles of Prepping You Need To Know

Full Live Version of the Grid Down Scenario Sigma Prepper Live Show Here:
🔴 Grid Down Scenario SHTF analysis of a major power outage

Grid Down Scenario Live Cut Series Links:
🔴 1|6 Grid Down Scenario – EXPOSED the Dark Secrets of a 2023 Complete Power Outage

🔴 2|6 Grid Down Scenario – EXPOSED: What Happens on Day 1? (Grid Down 2023)

🔴 3|6 Grid Down Scenario – EXPOSED: What Happens Days 2 & 3? (Grid Down 2023)

🔴 4|6 Grid Down Scenario – EXPOSED: What Happens Days 4 & 5? (Grid Down 2023)

🔴 5|6 Grid Down Scenario – EXPOSED: What Happens 1 Week After? (Grid Down 2023)

🔴 6|6 Grid Down Scenario – Coming Soon


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