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Prepper Must Have | Prepping Item | SOLAR Home Defense

Prepper Must have | Prepping item | Solar Home Defense
Watch, this cheap item is WORTH HAVING…

Solar, Solar, Solar !!!!!! who loves Solar ! Me !

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Ok so no joke, prepper or not, this item, i keep walking by at Home Depot after buying 4 now and using them for over a year and want more of these home defense tools, that double as a great prepping item.

Some may ask, How do i protect my home? I have found this prepper must have, they are reliable, and are great for you bug out bag to for perimeter defense.

I like calling it a prep, or prepping item because it is prepping you for emergency or prepping you for intruders, or a prep for any invasion.

To me, if i buy a prepping item like this and it lights up the area with solar home defense capabilities.
And this prep item lasts for over a year on 4 models and still working great, I am going to recommend it to my friends, whether it is for emergency preparedness or prepping from invasion and having an alert if anyone trespasses.

It is a solar home defense tip, whether you are a prepper or not. you can simply stick this solar light outdoors anywhere, it only takes a screw, and this home defense solar light has worked for me for over a year, I have 5 now. And as they are only 200 lumens, i set it and forget it…. don’t have to worry about the upkeep, and this day in age with all that is going on, I chalk it up to a useful prepping item, you could even put this in your bug out bag with your prepping items and have a notification light for a warning system. And that there alone is a great prepper must have idea, a prepping item that you may have not thought of a solar home defense.

How to protect my home? This solar light is a great defense.

So this is what it is:

i will add a like for amazon for those of you that must use Amazon and would really appreciate a link to this sweet prepper type of item. (Remember by clicking the amazon link, i may or may not make a small commission and it will not cost any more to you. just the way amazon works) It is not as cheap on amazon but here is the link, if it is easier than going to Home Depot.

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