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Prepping for S. H. T. F. for Senior Citizens – YouTube Exclusive

Preparing for S.H.T.F BASIC 101 – Recommendations in case you are just starting out on your journey, have a limited budget and little support structure….these are my favorite tips for best practices. Staying safe and healthy does not need to be complicated or expensive. Keep your head about you and stay positive.

Step One: Buy can goods, Tuna, Peanut Butter and Spam and Soups
Step Two: Have a way to collect, store and purify water
Step Three: Survival Knife and Fire Making ability
Step Four: Solid Survival clothing including boots, hats and gloves
Step Five: Basic Comms including short wave radio and two way
Step Six: First Aide Kit
Step Seven: A pistol at least 9 mm. Hunting rifle at best
Step Eight: Have a plan B in case you need to escape Form a neighborhood watch group or get with your church and create a local support group. Many hands make light work
Step Nine: Create a security protocol
Step Ten: The ability to create a bug out bag that includes a shelter system

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