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We’ve all heard this phrase when you mention preparedness to a friend/family member/coworker. I know, many of you have tried this once, and swore to never talk to anyone about your preparations ever again. I think that this is a rather myopic point of view and stance. In this video I try and war-game how I’m going to address this statement the next time that I hear it. Who knows, maybe you’ll gain a new member to your survival group…. You do have a survival group, right?

It seems like nearly every single Preparedness channel is putting out a video a week, screaming about how you need to go and buy these items right now, or you’re going to die in SHTF MANNNN, (come on, they’re great at scaring you into watching their videos). This isn’t one of those videos. I’m not a fan of scare tactics or doomer content. I’m not selling anything. If I am selling something; I’ll let you know. But this isn’t a job for me; I do it for fun, and to help people out. If you’re looking to get your daily adrenaline or dopamine fix, this probably isn’t the video, (or channel) for you. My guess? Most Survival/Prepper channels have ran out of things to talk, (or scare you) about. DISCLAIMER: I’m not endorsed or sponsored by any of the companies that you may see in this video.For business inquiries, message me at:

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