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09/13/23 The Watchman News – Don't Let Prepper Channels Pull The Wool Over Your Eyes – News

All it takes is a power grid failure or supply line issue. It’s not usually what you know that kills you. It’s what you don’t know… Everyone faces a universal problem that will directly cause the death of millions. What if the preparedness minded could do something about it? What if they refuse? Are they waiting for someone else to do it for them? I cannot answer any of these questions because they vehemently refuse to address the one bonafide universal problem that will affect all of us even the most prepared. I think any preparedness minded person is looking suspiciously at the power grid now and anyone with common sense has concerns about it. You all need to ask the prepper channels why they are afraid to address this. Is it because there is no money to be made on it? Is it because it is bigger than them and their ego will not allow it? Is it because they are too foolish to see the writing on the wall? I don’t know. They wont talk about it. But they will damn well demand you pay their way. Folks please listen because these folks don’t give two shits about you. If the grid goes down there will be a fuel supply issue in very very short order. Many many things can interrupt the fuel supply chain. Thats all it takes. If we cannot get the machines going we can not produce enough food to survive. These egocentric idiots have not done the math to realize they cannot process enough raw material by hand. Dont let these profiteers hold you back from being able to make a difference. Dont let them hold you back from the only viable solution because of whatever reason they find to justify themselves. My big fear is we do not have long to go before our communication and Lord knows what else is cut off or severely altered. These people are really sick. Make sure you pay them. Cause they doing you so much guuder. The only thing it takes for evil to prevail is for “good men” to stand idly by and do nothing.

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