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Coffee With Ray – We Are In The Winter of The Fourth Turning Point

Coffee With Ray – We Are In The Winter of The Fourth Turning Point – There are several very good books by Neil Howe and William Strauss. The first being GENERATIONS. This book looks at generational habits from 1584 and predict all the way into 2069. This book was written in 1991 and what is amazing his how true their predictions into generational habits were.

One of the key points that this book uncovers is the generational “seasons” that man goes through… spring, summer, fall and where we are right now, winter.

Winter is when things die, bad times happen, like wars, plagues, famines, etc.

We are in the winter, also what they refer to as “The 4th Turning Point.” How far we are into this 4th turning, I am not sure, but I do not think we have hit the peak as of yet and I believe that we still need to transverse a span of time till we get to the generational spring when things wake up, life is renewed and we have a new beginning.

I HIGHLY recommend this book –

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