Survive Against All Odds: Extreme Wilderness Survival + EDC Gear Review- EWS Part 1 w/ Craig Caudill

Could You, Would You Survive? ▶︎ Today – Discover the three proven systems of survival ▶︎ Five pillars of preparedness ▶︎ Explore the crucial elements of mindset, skills, tactics, teamwork, and essential gear and supplies ▶︎ Stay tuned until the end for a speed review of two essential pieces of everyday carry gear.

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00:00:00 Introduction
00:01:19 Win a Freeze Dryer!
00:03:07 Welcoming Craig
00:03:55 Craig’s Backstory
00:08:28 Craig’s Book- Extreme Wilderness Survival
00:09:30 Journey to Becoming an Author
00:14:08 Pillars of Preparedness
00:19:28 Why Humans Love Gear
00:22:02 Developing the Survival Mindset
00:33:23 Gaining Discipline
00:38:21 STOPA
00:42:49 Preparedness Based on the Rule of 3’s
00:46:35 Survival Rule of 3’s
00:48:26 Tactics / Teamwork
00:56:24 Where to Find Training
00:57:51 Finding Your Self- Reliance Community
01:01:26 Gear Essentials
01:08:30 Gear vs. Supplies
01:11:32 Flash Gear Review- Tiny Survival Guide
01:16:40 Combo Deal
01:19:56 Recap / Action Steps
01:21:53 Where to Find Craig
01:24:12 Ending

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