Ω TRUE level 1 Kratos Vs Odin The All Father GMGOW+ no damage Ω

Hey everyone, been a while.

This video took a LONG time to do simply because of how difficult this fight is to do without taking damage. This is without a doubt the most difficult challenge I’ve ever done on this game, neither king hrolf or gna can even hold a candle to Odin in terms of sheer difficulty, it’s absurd.

Hope you all enjoy, will be fighting the Beserker sisters next.

Just for future reference, if i ever go on another long hiatus like i did before uploading this video, its because I’m working on a video, I’ll always respond to comments though.

Also, using KG’s save editor I’ve made the following changes.

Reset all weapon/shields to level 1

Added all burdens.

Transmogged Onslaught Shield to have the appearance of the Spartan Aspis shield.

Unlocked all Weapon skills.

Transmogged sorrow of Sparta gear to look like survival gear.

Take care, love you all!

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