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You Need These in Your Prepper Pantry! | Shelf-stable | Freeze dried food | Meal in a Jar

The latest installment in our meals-in-a-jar collection started out as a simple, classic Chicken Parm pasta skillet. Inspiration struck and I made a few tweaks to the basic recipe to bring you not one but three meals in a jar, including a meatless version! Hopefully this video will not only give you three more meal-in-a-jar recipes to add to your collection, but also demonstrate just how easy it is to adapt and tweak these recipes to make something new and different.

These meals in a jar are all made with dry ingredients and don’t require any pressure canning or special equipment to make. Many of the ingredients are freeze dried. Freeze dried foods have the highest nutrient retention and a very long shelf life, making them perfect for this application. If you have a home freeze dryer, you can make these with ingredients you freeze dry yourself. If you don’t have this option, I also put links to purchase all the ingredients like I did.

Printable Recipes:

Chicken Parm Pasta:

Chicken and Farfalle:

Pomodoro Pasta:

Where to find:
Tomato sauce powder:
Freeze dried chicken:
Heavy cream powder:
Sherry wine powder:
Crouton Packets:
Johnny’s Garlic Spread and Seasoning:
Freeze dried veggies:
Freeze dried parmesan:
Home Freeze Dryers:
Harvest Right:
Stay Fresh:
Canning funnel:
The Best Canning lids:
Measuring cups & spoons set:
Coleman butane stove:
Butane fuel:

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Azure Standard:

Mother Earth Products:

Mylar bags & Oxygen absorbers for long term food storage:

Emergency antibiotic supply:

Water Storage and filtration:

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