Forest survival, Catch and grilled delicious wild duck

Hi everyone today i will bring you all experience adventure finding and cooking food in the jungle and thank you for spending your valuable time to visit my video i will show you how we can survival in the wilderness.

Liphen wilderness survival channel about cooking delicious dishes in the rain-forest nearby. I live in a small village and we’re trying to find a special & easy food to shoot everyday.
All videos in my channel is just for entertaining only! but the cooking style is real and super delicious…

Please subscribe my channel that way it main you motivate me to create more videos for you!!! For more experience adventures with me!!!!!

Liphen wilderness survival’s videos are cover on build Shelter, wild camping, catching, Trapping, wild hunting, fishing, cooking, eating show, primitive technology, wilderness survival and outdoor skills,
Liphen wilderness survival gear like axes, knives, saws, backpacks and cooking tools.
I hope you will like the videos and you will really enjoy watching them!!!

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