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How to quickly end Martial Law

How to quickly end Martial Law Fu*k The Police Maui Lahaina Maui CHILDREN Update | Prepare For War | Hawaii News #hawaii #news Preppers 2023 shtf Prepping and Survival Preparedness #shtf
| Black Ops Survival Tips | shtf Prepping and Survival

Listen or die and/or be permanently enslaved like a fool. Or don’t IDGAF as this world could use less idiots. Just at least remember one thing before you go:

Dying isn’t the worst thing. The worst thing is dying while your family survives and they have their way with your wife and children. You have no idea what is coming.


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100% of PREPPERS WILL DIE: If you REALLY want to do shtf prepping and survival HERE is how

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WHAT DO YOU NOT SEE IN THIS DESCRIPTION? You do NOT see any “amazon affiliate” links or any other bullshit for sale. THAT should tell you something.

Vic’s email:

They’re all just trying to MAKE MONEY OFF YOU.

If you’re an IDIOT you believe this crap:

“Get these preps now before SHTF collapse 2023!

Whether you’re new to prepping, trying to learn how to start prepping, a beginner prepper, or an experienced prepper that has been stockpiling for years, it’s important to not forget these items. So many people are learning about emergency preparedness from YouTube channels like Canadian Prepper, Magic Prepper, Alaska Prepper, Full Spectrum Survival, Wicked Prepared even the Epic Economist. Watching YouTube channels like Southern Prepper 1, or Goshen Prepping definitely keeps you updated on SHTF 2023 and keeps disaster preparedness part of your prepper news mindset. Preppers watch Prepping news as they are prepping for 2023, whether it’s food shortages in 2023 or Walmart food shortages, staying up on breaking news like City Prepping and Riverside Homestead Life, doomsday preppers have everything ready in case of an SHTF event.

“When you lose electricity in shtf, you’ll wish you had an Oupes power station / solar generator, batteries, lanterns, butane stove, etc for survival prepping for shtf. You don’t have to be a prepper prepping for survival watching Canadian prepper to be prepping for SHTF to have a sense of awareness of emergency, preparedness in shtf prepping and survival with your bug out bag 2023 for shtf prepping. You could be watching Goshen prepping or City Prepping or Acre homestead YouTube or other preppers and know the importance of having the ability to run electronics when the power is out in shit hits the fan or when you’re off the grid with a shtf rifle. If you’re a fan of Alaska Prepper Alaska prepper channel or The Mac’s prepping, you know you should have a portable power station or a solar , portable power station for emergency preparedness to run off the grid equipment so maybe you don’t need an ar 15 50 cal or ar10. Riverside Homestead prepper and The Poplar Report, survival prepping or other survivalism and survivalist prepper channels to have great content about prepping for shtf 2023 for power outages and prepping survival, as does Appalachia’s Homestead with Patera and Riverside preparedness.”

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