Best Knife K25 survival knife THUNDER I Unboxing #knife #knifeunboxing

Knife K25 survival knife THUNDER I Titanium, here in this unboxing video! This knife is perfect for outdoor activities and is ideal for anyone who wants a tough, reliable knife.

In my opinion, this knife is very interesting. With its blade length, it can cut through any log and can also be used for hunting. This survival kit contains a large number of survival tools: mirror, second smaller knife, scalpel, plaster, sewing, tweezers, mirror, slingshot, fishing mini set, fire starter set, opener, paracord, cord cutter, compass, pencil and other interesting tools for survival.

Knife THUNDER I: Camo olive
Knife THUNDER I: Coyote

Technical parameters: blade length: 19.6 cm, total length: 32.5 cm, saw length: 11 cm, blade thickness: approx. 5 mm, knife weight: approx. 350 g, case weight: approx. 330 g.

A very good knife THUNDER I with a huge equipment for various crisis situations.

So check out this Knife K25 survival knife THUNDER I, and let me know what you think!

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