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STOCKPILE THESE for Long Term Survival

This video covers things that preppers need to stockpile for long-term survival situations. These are items that you are going to need but will be very difficult to find in a crisis.

Recommended Prepper Gear and Resources:
6 x 1/2-inch Ferro Rod: (affiliate link)
Swedish Firesteel: (affiliate link)
UCO Candle Lantern: (affiliate link)
Candelier Candle Lantern: (affiliate link)
Tabletop Oil Lamps: (affiliate link)
Dietz Hurricane Lantern: (affiliate link)
Fire Extinguisher: (affiliate link)
Hand Saw: (affiliate link)
Bahco Laplander Folding Saw: (affiliate link)
Garden Trowel: (affiliate link)
Military Folding Shovel: (affiliate link)
Encyclopedia of Country Living: (affiliate link)
Foxfire Book Series: (affiliate link)
Survival Medicine Handbook: (affiliate link)
Grayl Geopress Water Purifying Bottle: (affiliate link)
Sawyer TAP Water Filter: (affiliate link)
Sawyer Mini Water Filter: (affiliate link)
Mylar Food Storage Bags: (affiliate link)
Survival Garden Seeds Heirloom Seeds: (affiliate link)

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