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Hydroponics VS Aquaponics.. Here's Which Ones REALLY Better!

Hydroponics VS Aquaponics.. Here’s Which Ones REALLY Better!

Welcome back to Down on the Farm. For the channel today, we will sort things out with regards to the topic,”Hydroponics vs Aquaponics: Which is better?”. Traditional agriculture method is now receiving some backlash among environmentalists. Thus resulting in farmers looking for ways on how to do farming without or perhaps having a lesser effect on the environment.

Hydroponics has been around for a very long time. It is a method in which there is no soil being used when growing plants. It is very contrary to the traditional way of growing plants where soil is highly needed. In this video, we get to see the topic of “Hydroponics vs Aquaponics: Which is better?

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Do YOU Know The Difference Between HYDROPONICS and AQUAPONICS?

Aquaponics vs Hydroponics, Which One is Best for Me & My Family?

Hydroponics vs Aquaponics

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