Pre-Production for Video Production

Pre-Production Checklist for Video Projects

Concept & Planning
✅️ Define the purpose and target audience of the video
✅️Decide on the video format (e.g., interview, documentary, commercial)
✅️Create a rough budget
✅️Choose the video duration
✅️Develop a timeline with milestones

Script & Storyboard
✅️Write the script or outline
✅️Create a storyboard or shot list
✅️Review and get approvals if necessary

Team & Talent
✅️Assemble your production team
✅️Decide on roles and responsibilities
✅️Cast talent (actors, interviewees, etc.)
✅️Schedule rehearsals

Location & Logistics
✅️Scout and secure locations
✅️Obtain necessary permits
✅️Plan for weather contingencies
✅️Arrange transportation and lodging if needed

Equipment & Gear
✅️List all required equipment (cameras, mics, lights, etc.)
✅️Check equipment functionality
✅️Rent or purchase additional gear if needed
✅️Pack all equipment and double-check

✅️Create a shooting schedule
✅️Confirm availability with team and talent
✅️Notify all parties of call times and locations

Legal & Paperwork
✅️Prepare and sign contracts (talent, location, etc.)
✅️Obtain release forms
✅️Make sure insurance is in place

Final Preparations
✅️Conduct a final team meeting to go over the plan
✅️Confirm all checklist items are complete
✅️Pack a “survival kit” (extra batteries, snacks, first aid, etc.)

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