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In this video you will see my camping trip to the remote locations of Northern Wilderness of Sapmi.
This is not a 2 days solo bushcraft trip because I just wanted to hike to the forest and relax. So I decided to have maximum fun in one day.
My first camp site didn’t survive the winter and was demolished so I went to another place.
I made a stop to brew some coffee using an alcohol burner. After coffee break I went deep to the forest to make my base camp. Also I wanted to test my new gear there.
I set up a tent and fall asleep for awhile. Awesome. My camp was almost stealth among the forest because of the khaki color of the tent.
After rest I made my way to the other place. I crossed the river on stones.
I wanted to test my titanium stove and cook some delicious true bushcraft food.
I made Avocado Bacon Bomb (avocado, cheddar cheese, ground meat and bacon). Yummy!
Enjoy watching!


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