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Becoming a Master with Dr. Anna – 7 Days to Die (Ep.17)

It’s time to meet with Dr. Anna and see what secrets she has in store for us…

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0:00 The Fetch and Clear at Town Square Apartments
6:34 Digging Treasure and an Airdrop
9:34 The Infested Clear at Blue Trailer Trucking
14:38 Rewards from Rekt
16:10 Meeting Dr. Anna
19:51 Becoming a Security Master
22:50 More Shopping at Anna’s
23:34 Becoming a Master Farmer and Survivalist
25:16 Cooking Advanced Food
26:32 Building a Garden Fence and Area Beatification
30:41 Rebranding the Fire Station
31:16 Base Decorating
33:22 Base Upgrades to Stainless Steel

►Difficulty: Warrior
►Blood Moon Zombies: 64
►Day Speed: Jog
►Night Speed: Sprint
►Feral Speed: Sprint
►Loot Respawn: Off
►Death Penalty: Delete All
►My Darkness Falls Version:

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