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Unusual install of a Toilet, First you'll ever see, Anyone can do it too – Parts used below

Install parts list HERE⬇️ and/or YOU CAN DO IT, ITS EASY. Like my work, help out, Drop me a tip,
Install ADD ONS – Proflo Tank for toilet, High volume replacement Flush Valve kit – & 3to3 Fernco Rubber Coupling
Get independent, SOLAR OFF GRID BATTERIES – Power Queen #1 Lithium made for becoming independent.


⬇️ 93% Preppers and Survivalist Agree, see the “ELITIST CAUSED” ENERGY CATASTROPHE SURVIVAL OFF GRID SOLAR POWER SYSTEM — 100 Watt Panels (get 12) , Affordable durable solar controllers pick (get 2)60A ,Solar Connects ,Battery cable USA made ,12/2 Above/Underground for safe DC wiring of lights and appliances.
Cheap Inverter with proven 5+ year record of quality – 3000 watt By XIJIA for tool, high amp, fine electronics, uses Fairchild Semiconductors & don’t forget the Costway DC 12v Refrigerator unit

**Things used in other videos, & SEE Ali-EXPRESS DIRECT my insider deals, Open Parts Sourcing for my videos is or & Discount sites direct its my share link to Ali Express

*Highest quality WN100 factory made 100 watt solar panels OR see 5 bus bar 100W solar panels or

On some Amazon Associate links I earn a percent point from qualifying purchases
GE-500 3 or 5 blade Wind turbine source

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