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The Osbournes Ultimate Survival, Jack & Kelly Party with Amy Winehouse + Exciting Ozzy News | #204

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00:00- Episode Tease!
00:23- Show Intro
00:40- Ozzy’s health update
01:12- Ozzy is starting Tai Chi
01:57- Ad Break 1
05:15- Kelly threw Jack’s fiance a hen night
06:46-Sharon got Ozzy a stripper for his birthday?!
07:27- Jack and Kelly’s themed birthday party in London with Amy Winehouse
09:33- Ozzy loves his two ladies
10:09- Kelly threw a Hibachi night
12:18- Sharon gets a stripper for Niece Gina
13:48- Kelly and Hugh Grant got in a fight
15:35- Ozzy got a stripper for his old assistant
16:04- The stripper’s name was “Buzzy Buzzy”
16:45- Sharon is opening a memorabilia museum for Ozzy in Birmingham
19:20- Kelly tried to take up the Violin
21:00- Jack reacts to the The Daily Mail blasting him for hunting
22:39- Is hunting Humane? The Osbournes discuss
27:39- Would Kelly kill a coyote if it ate her dog Lemmy?
28:16- Ozzy and Kelly’s baby, Sid, an unbreakable bond
31:10- Sharon sent Kelly camping in the French Alps as a punishment for relapsing
36:30- Ozzy went flying head first into a snowdrift while dog sledding in Patagonia
38:55- The Osbournes take on rock crawling in Vegas and the zero gravity airplane
40:05- How long could the Osbournes survive in the wilderness?
40:54- What is the Stoned Ape Theory, Jack?
42:03- Jack tests the family on their survival skills
42:54-Ozzy and Jack went to a survivalist course while filming World Detour
44:04-If Zombies attacked, and an Osbourne was infected, what would they do?
45:49- Kelly was the Doritos girl in England
46:36- What would the Osbournes do if they were Aron Ralston in the film “127 Hours”?
55:02- Show Outros and Closing

The Prince of Darkness, Ozzy Osbourne, is back in action and just in time for another wild and unfiltered episode with The Osbourne family. Ozzy is taking up Tai Chi. Jack Osbourne presses his sister, Kelly Osbourne for the juicy details of the ‘hen night’ (or bachelorette party for those Americans out there) she threw for his fiancee, sparking a hilarious discussion as the whole family reminisces about their own experiences with strippers, celebrity parties, holiday shenanigans, Theo Fennell, Hugh Grant and flies. Yes, you read that right… flies. Jack responds to the media backlash and tabloid sensationalism of his most recent hunting adventures and the Osbournes break down Aron Ralston’s famous ‘127 Hours’ life story while poking holes in each other’s survival abilities in the wake of a zombie apocalypse. Sharon Osbourne wonders if she has what it takes to survive a day alone in the wilderness and the Osbourne family plays a surprise game of ‘Sounds of the Wild’ – the ultimate sexy guessing game.

For those just tuning in, the Osbournes are not your typical family. This iconic clan, headed by the legendary rocker Ozzy Osbourne and the indomitable Sharon Osbourne, became household names with their reality TV series in the early 2000s. They’ve since solidified their legacy by sharing their unfiltered views, wild adventures, and the rollercoaster ride of their lives, making them a constant source of intrigue and entertainment.

If candid conversations, laugh-out-loud moments, and a peek into the world of rock royalty are your jam, “The Osbournes Podcast” is a must-listen. Whether it’s Ozzy’s iconic tales from his days as the Prince of Darkness, Sharon’s empowering journey in the entertainment industry, Kelly and Jack’s adventures growing up Osbourne, or just some plain old family banter, there’s never a dull moment. Stay tuned and get ready to hop aboard the Crazy Train!

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