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What Guns and Gear to “Panic Buy”?

Lucas Botkin talks through some considerations for panic buying that occurs in our country from world events and the election cycle.

Note: Food was not discussed as that is a HUGE topic and it’s generally a perishable item(s).

00:00 Are You Actually Prepared?
01:19 Buy Before So You Don’t Have to Panic Buy
02:15 How Much Ammo To Buy?
02:40 Maybe Don’t Just Buy Ammo
03:13 How To Win?
04:23 Ammo/Mags
05:19 Fire Starter
05:26 Headlamp
05:37 Pistol
05:49 Water Filtration/Management
06:14 Medical
06:46 Carbine
07:14 Land Nav
07:44 Chest Rig
08:25 Rifle Upgrades
09:57 Suppressor(s)
10:32 MOAR Batteries
10:37 Communications
11:09 Better Hearing Protection
12:05 Weapons Maintenance
12:20 Laser Range Finder
12:43 Kestrel
13:05 Armor… finally
14:14 Night Vision
14:55 Misc Tools
15:11 Packs
15:51 Being Prepared is Most About This One Thing
17:49 Don’t be Controlled By Panic Buying Cycles
18:21 Sped Up Footage lol

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