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Glamping Ideas | Ignik Propane Tank | Family Camping

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In this video, I show you the @ignikoutdoors7153 tanks I decided on to enhance my camping experience. I got the smaller one for my camp kitchen as it fits nicely at the bottom of my GCI table. I got the larger one to use with my Mr. Buddy Heater so it last evening, night, and into the morning.

These are refillable at you local U-Haul that has the propane center on site. when you Google it, you will see certain U-Haul locations will say Propane after the name and that’s where you take it.😁 Feel free to let us know other places we can go.

If you use these tanks or prefer a different version or size, please let know in the comments 👇🏽. We love learning from other people’s experiences.

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Ignik Refillable Gas Growleer Deluxe 5-Pound Propane Tank with Carry Case and Adapter Hose

Ignik Gas Growler X-Comp Lightweight 11-Pound Composite Propane Tank with Carry Case and Adapter Hose

Here is the Bag Only for the 20lb tanks👇🏽
Ignik 20-Pound Propane Tank Tote Carrying Case

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