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True Demons Awaken in the Wasteland… – 7 Days to Die (Ep.20)

It’s finally time. We have the gear and the technology so we’re heading to the Wasteland to collect Uranium, Plutonium, and Titanium and to track down Trader Caitlin who might have a surprise in store for us…

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0:00 Heading to the Wasteland
1:26 Getting Started
3:10 Setting up a Plutonium Mine
5:47 Setting Up a FOB and Assaulting a Demon Portal
8:27 Setting up a Titanium Mine
11:57 Setting up a Uranium Mine
15:26 Meeting Trader Caitlin
18:18 Crafting Advanced Items at Home
26:33 Clearing Out an Infested Pop-n-Pills
34:13 Fetch and Clear at Richard Munch’s Plaza

►Difficulty: Survivalist
►Blood Moon Zombies: 64
►Day Speed: Run
►Night Speed: Sprint
►Feral Speed: Sprint
►Loot Respawn: Off
►Death Penalty: Delete All
►My Darkness Falls Version:

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