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Not sure what to do with all of that canned chicken you have prepped? Here are 3 quick and easy prepper pantry meals to make with canned chicken. I know a lot of us stock up on canned chicken, but we may not always know what to do with it. It’s important to figure out what you like and don’t like now so that if you are in an SHTF situation, you are not forced to eat food that is less than palatable. We all like simple, quick, and easy meals that are also tasty. Learn what else I did to this canned chicken to make it more desirable. God bless! #prepper #prepperpantry #easyrecipe #preppingforbeginners

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Are you concerned about a chicken shortage? We already know there is an egg shortage. With the price of food continuing to climb we are not only witnessing food inflation in stores like Walmart, Aldi, Sam’s Club, Costco and more we are seeing inflation in everything from our sky high energy prices to everything we need to survive these days. We continue to see food shortages, including 13 food shortages that have already been announced, for this year 2023. We need to do everything we can to continue prepping in 2023 and preparing in 2023 so that we stay ahead of SHTF 2023. Practicing with our preps now such as learning to make meals from canned chicken, is a smart thing to do so that when a true grid down event happens, we know how to make the food taste good and how to properly prepare it. Knowing how to make SHTF meals and SHTF recipes now will go a long way in your preparedness journey. Stocking up on canned foods like canned chicken for your prepper pantry is a smart move for long-term food storage. Learn to prepare for any crisis whether that is a job loss due to mass layoffs because of a recession, a natural disaster that impacts your area, or something as major as a cyber attack that threatens your ability to take care of your family. Let’s continue prepping in 2023 and beyond so that we are prepared for any SHTF event!

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