Survival Kit for the Stanley Cook Set

Imagine a survival kit that nests inside your Stanley Two Cup Cookset! This is a fairly complete kit that I put together at the request of one of my viewers. It contains all the major components of survival except for a shelter component and there are items in this kit that you can use for making a temporary shelter.

Here is a close copy of the tin I used:

I am an amazon associate and I receive a portion of the proceeds from this sale. Thanks.
Stanley 2 cup cookset:

My other hacks for the Stanley Cook Set:

1. Lid
2. Tab Replacement
3. Handle Extension
4. Koozie and Spoon
5. Green Cups
6. No Drill Bail Handle:
7. Stow-N-Go Oven Kit:
8. Frying Pan:
9. Stanley Steamer:
10. Toaster:
11. Bottle and Scrubbie:
12. Improved French Coffee Press:
13. Add a Handle to your Green Cup

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