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Homeless How To: The Art of Bartering

#homeless #prepping #hobos In today’s video Learn the art of bartering with this entertaining and informative video! Welcome to the homeless guide to survival in a cashless world! In this eye-opening video, we delve into the art of bartering and how it can help you navigate an economic collapse.

Discover the value of everyday items and learn how to trade them for what you need. From cigarettes to carabiners, find out how to make your resources work for you. Don’t forget to subscribe for more survival tips and tricks!

Discover how to trade and negotiate like a pro, with tips and tricks to get the best deal. From trading cigarettes for lighters to haggling for lower prices, this video will teach you the skills you need in a cashless society.

In a world where cash is no longer king, how do you survive? Join us in this fascinating video as we explore the art of bartering. Learn the secrets of trading goods and services, from getting the best price for your items to finding the perfect trade. Find out how to navigate a post-collapse economy and thrive in a cashless society. Subscribe now to never miss a bartering tip!



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