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Ep. 4 – Prepper Survivalism? | Discover Hope

🌍 Prepper Survivalism? How do Daniel and Revelation teach us to prepare for the end of the world? | Discover hope | Brad Thorp

Ever wondered about the world of prepper survivalism? 🤔

Join us at Discover Hope as we delve deeper into this question. We have been living in a chaotic world: wars, nuclear threats, atomic bombs, global warming, catastrophes, and the end of natural resources. But, are we prepared for this?
Due to the uncertainties of our time, there are people who have dedicated their lives to the art of preparation, survival tactics, and a mindset that leads individuals to be ready for anything life throws their way.

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Explore the fascinating world of preparedness and survival with us! Whether you’re an experienced prepper or just curious about this lifestyle, this episode offers valuable information and practical tips. Could this be the way?

Let’s discover together the mindset that empowers individuals to take control of their own preparation.

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