6 Best Self Defense Keychains

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Situations may arise when you are in danger. You need to protect yourself immediately but all you have is a ring of keys. Don’t lose precious time, use a self-defense key chain instead. They are made to be easily used for protection.

Before purchasing any keychain, check all local laws to understand if you are able to buy a self-defense weapon and what type is allowed. For example, if you find out that it is restricted in your area to buy mace, then you shouldn’t purchase a mace keychain.

You will see six useful options below. One of them will definitely be suitable for your protection needs.

SLFORCE Personal Alarm Siren Song Keychain

The SLFORCE Personal Alarm keychain and LED flashlight gives you a sense of security when out at night, in a store, or anytime or place. When the alarms chain is pulled, an extremely loud siren goes off, alerting others that something is wrong and scaring off a potential assailant.  This could safe yourself or loved one in a dire situation. The flashlight will come in handy. It is light weight and comes in several different colors.

SOG Knife Folding Keychain

The SOG Knife Folding Keychain is a really smart item as it looks like a key although, in fact, it is a knife. The blade is only 1.4 inch so it can be opened and closed without any problems which is quite useful when you need to protect yourself. This folding knife looks really nice together with your other keys.

MUNIO Self Defense Kubaton Keychain 

The MUNIO Self-Defense Kubaton Keychain was designed by self defense experts. It is light weight and fits well in your hand or pocket. It is used as a blunt force object to make a serious punch against an attacker. The MUNIO has been endorsed by both the military and police forces, plus it comes in many different choices so you can find the right fit for you.

Vankcp Kubaton Self Defense Keychain Stainless Steel 

The Vankcp Kubaton Self Defense Keychain looks pretty ordinary…just a metal bar hanging from your keys. But this defense tool makes a very powerful weapon if you are attacked. It claims it packs enough punch to give you a chance to get away from your assailant. At 5.5 inches in length, it can also be used to break a car window in case of an emergency.

SABRE Pepper Spray Keychain

This keychain is very easy to use and it is incredibly effective. The SABRE Pepper Spray Keychain is a very small canister that contains pepper spray. Such a canister can be located in your hand easily, so if you see that someone is about to attack you, just slide open the spray valve, point it in the direction of the enemy, and simply spray. It will give you some time to get away from them or at least to take a real weapon out to protect yourself. If mace is allowed in the place where you live, then think about this great keychain.

Guard Dog Hornet Mini Stun Gun – Personal Defense Keychain

If stun guns are legal in your area, try out the Guard Dog Hornet Mini Stun Personal Defense keychain. The Hornet is both a stun gun and a flashlight in one small device ,and the stun gives off a powerful electrical jolt. It has a safety switch to protect the carrier from accidentally setting it off and its own case. It can help stop a perpetrator, allowing you enough time to get away.

Pick Your Self-Defense Keychain

No one wants to be in a situation where they’ll be in need of such a self-defense keychain. However, it’s always good to be ready for any emergency. All of the keychains mentioned above are very useful self-defense products. Consider purchasing one or more today.



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