Choosing A Tent

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When in the outdoors, having shelter is a must in any situation!  And the first thing that comes to most people’s minds are tents. So let’s take a look.  Choosing a tent can be both time consuming and confusing. Do you need a pup tent, a 4-person or 6-person tent, a light tent for back packing? What about a rain fly or extra tarp? Will you want a shelter screen house for a table and a few chairs? If you’re going to stay more than a day, don’t forget a toilet/shower tent!

Although you can usually squeeze the amount of persons into the sizes most tents claim they’re for, consider that you will also need room for your gear. Also have bit of space to allow for not stepping on each other during the night when leaving the tent to “do your business.” If you can afford to, I recommend purchasing a tent a size or two up from the amount of people that will be using your tent for a more comfortable experience. Or maybe purchase more tents than just the one.

Safety Alert: When using any fuel consuming appliances (such as lanterns, heaters, etc) in a tent or any enclosed area, it is a must for your safety to have proper ventilation throughout your tent. If you do not, you are risking the lives of everyone inside that area.

Tents to consider:

Coleman Sundome Tent

Tent-SundomeThe Coleman Sundome Tent comes in several sizes: 2-person, 3-person, 4-person, and 6-person. It can withstand winds of at least 35 mph and is made to keep out the rain with it’s additional rainfly, inverted seams, and heavy corners.

The Sundome also has decent-sized windows and a vent down low to allow for ventilation and airflow when opened. This tent comes with an e-port if you have the need to pass through an electrical cord from either the inside or outside of your tent.

Bit of History: Coleman is a name that has long been associated with outdoor supplies and camping gear. The company was started in Oklahoma by a man named William C. Coleman in 1900. It all began with a gasoline pressure lamp and a football game.


More tent reviews to come!

Coleman Instant Screenhouse

Coleman Instant ScreenhouseThe Coleman Instant Screenhouse is ideal for a quick set up area where you can relax and enjoy outdoor life in the shade, plus be free of flying insects and other pests. It is great for outdoor picnics, backyard get togethers, and in the middle of several surrounding tents as a common area for eating and story telling.

You can choose from 10′ x 10′ or 15′ x 13′ with a 7′ high center point and comes with the poles attached and ready to snap in place. Lay it out in a flat area, unfold it to the corners, and start building it from there. One person may be able to set this up on their own, but we found two persons made for a much easier time.

Coleman Instant Screenhouse has a UPF 50+ sunscreen and does well for keeping out those pesky mosquitos as long as you keep the 2 large doors zipped closed. It comes with attached guide lines and includes tent stakes and a carrying case.



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