Survival Languages

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When you think about survival, you think about disasters, camping, backpacks, food, water, campfires, and many other things. But what about Survival Languages? Yes, learning another language, or even more than one, can help you survive difficult situations. We all need to be able to communicate with one another.


Imagine that a disaster hits your area. It could be a hurricane, flood, fire, earthquake, tsunami, civil unrest, pandemic, or a variety of things. This calls for quick action on your part. You may have some supplies already packed which you can grab and get out with. But you may not. Are you in your own country or on a different continent? What if you have to travel to an area, even in your own city, where few speak your language? If you need directions, food, shelter, help of any kind, how will you make others understand your needs? Not knowing a second language can put you and your family at greater risk.

Learn survival languages.


I strongly urge you to learn at least one new language now before you need it. The choice of your new survival languages will depend on the country and areas you live in or wish to visit. Start with the language you are most likely use, the one in which you will come in contact with. Study it thoroughly so you are ready. Practice with others who speak that language. Try to get your family to participate in that language with you so that each of you can comfortably converse in it.


You may only want it to understand those who speak a different language in your day-to-day encounters and not just in a disaster. Whatever your reasons, I suggest picking up a language or two from Rocket Languages. They are one of the best online at teaching you a new language. Their methods and technology make learning fun and easy.

Here are some of the more common languages you might want to learn:

Check out Spanish here

Check out English here

Check out French here

Check out German here

Check out Italian here

Check out Japanese here

Check out Chinese here

Check out Sign Language here

Rocket Languages teaches several different languages. Check out their current sales.

Isn’t it time you learned a new language? No matter how old you are, I would say ‘Yes’!



Survival has been a necessity ever since the world began and has continually built upon itself. However, few could pull out of their hats the skills to survive if, and when, called upon to do so. With all that is going on in today's world, this knowledge is an important tool, one that each of us needs to hone. This is why I founded this site.

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