5 Survival Personal Self-Defense Tools

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A bug-out bag traditionally holds survival items, but what do you have in yours for self-defense? You should include a survival personal self-defense tool. In a survival situation, predators include both wild animals and other humans who might want to harm you. A knife is a basic survival item in most survival packs. You can use it as a self-defense tool but your survival kit should have more than just a knife.

Strong personal self-defense tools are the perfect non-lethal weapon to have in survival conditions or situations where you don’t feel safe. Learning to use these tools effectively can keep you safe and it will deliver a powerful disabling blow, shock, or spray to an attacker that they will not soon forget. You can then safely run away.

Self defense tools come in various forms: from personal alarms, to pepper sprays, to thumpers, to umbrellas, to stun guns.

Vigilant 130dB Personal Alarm with Backup Whistle

The Vigilant 13odB Personal Alarm has a hidden off button and a backup whistle. It has a clip for a backpack, bug-out bag, or keys, and comes with heavy duty batteries. A good choice to bring attention to a dangerous situation or to scare off and attacker.

SABRE RED Tactical Pepper Gel with Belt Holster

Sabre Red Tactical Pepper Gel is a trusted gel spray by many law enforcement and security organizations. It can spray a stream up to 18 feet, has a safety flip top, and a 4-year shelf life. This pepper spray gel has strong stopping power due to its heat ratio. Its handy belt holster makes for a quick to use personal security tool.

Personal Security  Hickory Tire Thumper

The Personal  Security Hickory Tire Thumper is made of solid hickory wood. This simple, yet inexpensive personal survival self-defense tool is a “what you see is what you get.” At 9 inches in length, you not only be able to thump tires but can flush critters out of a bush or smash in the head of a zombie!

Security Self Defense Umbrella

The Security Self Defense Umbrella, as the name implies, is a combination umbrella and self defense tool. It is carried by body guards, security agents, police, and many other authority personnel. It can be carried by any adult, and can be useful in what could become a sudden urban survival situation where you feel your life is in danger. And works perfectly as a strong umbrella in case of rain. It never hurts for you to be prepared!

This self defense umbrella is easy to carry and use by most anyone, even the elderly. It does not bring attention to you like other self defense tools may, and can bring you a feeling of safety and security when out for a walk or shopping trip. The handle is crafted of solid German wood, making it pleasing to carry, and use.

SABRE Tactical Stun Gun

The Sabre Tactical Stun Gun a 95 db- 120 lumen with emit powerful stopping pain to an attacking assailant. You will find that it has anti-grab technology that shocks the attacker when they try to try to take it from you.

The Sabre Tactical Stun Gun will defend you at a distance with it’s powerful beam flashlight as well. Make sure you learn how to use this stun gun before you have to use it.  And make sure you check first to see if it’s legal where you live.

The Survival Decision is Yours

Consider a baton for your emergency kit/bug-out bag. Extendable and fixed models have distinct features that make them ideal for your various situations and depends on what you like or want. Look into the options I’ve shown you above and consider buying one for your kit today. It is never too early to be prepared.



Survival has been a necessity ever since the world began and has continually built upon itself. However, few could pull out of their hats the skills to survive if, and when, called upon to do so. With all that is going on in today's world, this knowledge is an important tool, one that each of us needs to hone. This is why I founded this site.

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