Survival Water Filtering Brands

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If you are a traveler or an adventurer, you must have been in a situation where water was scarce or impossible to find. In such a survival situation, having a good system for filtering out the nearby water for drinking and cooking purposes will be inevitable. You will find many water filtering brands offering good value for your money. However, you can get stuck and be confused about which water filter can be your best pick for the next adventure on your bucket list. Here is a list of high quality water filters you can find in today’s market with all of their features explained in detail.

Katadyn Hiker Microfilter

Katadyn_Water_FilterThis is one of the best water filtering brands on the market. It can filter about a liter of water for you within a minute. Its overall weight is about 11 ounces and comes in a handy bag. You will need your own water receptacle in order to operate and obtain clean drinking water but the device is a beauty.

The Katadyn Hiker Microfilter is specially designed to be able to work in shallow waters and you can get yourself a good bottle of water even from a thin sheet of running water. It contains a special floating device attached to its water collecting pipe which allows it to stay connected.

There is a pumping mechanism at work in this type of water filter. You have to exert a small amount of pressure in order to operate the pump and in return, you will get clean drinking water. This devise has an inlet with a hole for the pipe that will be placed in the source of the water. The second hole is the outlet which will provide you the water.  You can attach another pipe to the outlet to collect your water.

The synthetic filter will filter out any debris and dirt from the water. This water filtering brand may not filter out viruses, but you can expect your water to be free of giardia, salmonella, protozoa, and other small bacteria.

Also, the carbon chamber helps in improving the appearance and overall taste of your drinking water which is exactly what water filters should be doing.

Lifestraw Personal Water Filter

LifeStraw_Personal_Water_FilterThis filter is an amazing invention if you focus on its design. Being one of the most unique water filtering brands, the Lifestraw Personal Water Filter has the simplest of functions.

Weighing about 2 ounces, the device needs you to do one simple task! Using this device, suck the water with your mouth from the source and it will get the water filtered before it reaches your mouth. The entire filtration assembly has been squeezed into a tube with an inlet at one end and an outlet at the other.

You simply submerge the far end of the straw in a pond or a stream, suck on this filter like an ordinary straw, and you will drink filtered water! How much more simple can it get? If you want to have something portable, this may be the best choice for you.

Platypus Gravityworks Filter

Platypus_Water_FilterThis water filtering brand is one of the simplest water filters you will ever find. As clear from the name, the device relies on gravity to do its magic. It comes in a standard size of 2 liters and 4 liters.

The working mechanism of the Platypus Gravityworks water filter is super simple and even a 5-year-old child can operate the entire equipment. The assembly consists of 2 plastic bags of similar sizes connected by a hose. The hose has the main filter that cleans the water along with a tap to start or stop the flow of the water.

You fill up one bag and hang it higher than the second bag. This allows the water to flow through the hose by opening the tap and letting the lower bag fill with filtered water. That is it!

The amazing feature of the Platypus Gravityworks Water Filter is that a single filter can provide 1500 liters of water. However, a pre-filter would make it even better. Nonetheless, you will find your drinking water treated by the antimicrobial coated reservoir of the equipment. You can get your 4 liters of water filtered in just about 5 minutes. How cool is that!

Sawyer Squeeze Filter

Sawyer_Water_FiltrationHere is another one of the interesting water filtering brands, the Sawyer Squeeze Filter. You won’t find this in many water filters. The Sawyer Squeeze Filter contains 3 pouches of 32 ounces each plus the main filter. The beautiful thing about this filter is that it can house other bottles as the outlet containers. However, the basic idea is to collect unclean water in one pouch, connect it with the filter, and attach the other pouch to the outlet of the filter. Now you can either squeeze on the upper pouch or just let its own pressure allow the water to flow through the filter. The water on the other end will be clean and drinkable. You can fill a standard water bottle in about 20 seconds.

Another attractive feature of the Sawyer Squeeze Filter is that if you introduce a burst of clean water to the filter from the opposite side, it will clean the filter so you won’t need to replace it. This filter has strong walls and can withstand high-pressure water for cleaning.

Katadyn BeFree 0.6L Water Filter

Katadyn_BeFree_Personal_Water_FilterIf you want to see your water filtered up close, the Katadyn BeFree 0.6L Water Filter Bottle should give you a soothing feeling. It only weighs about 2.3 ounces or about 65 grams which is super light.

This mechanism has a plastic collapsible bottle with a filter on its top. You unscrew the filter, fill the bottle with unclean water, and then squeeze the plastic bottle for clean water on the other end. You can either drink directly from the bottle or fill up a container. Filters about 1000 liters of water.

Cleaning the filter is also super easy. Fill your plastic container half full, close the lid, and shake well. Finally, open the plastic container and rinse off any remaining residue on the filter. You are good to filter more water.

The best feature of the Katadyn BeFree Water Bottle is that you don’t need much space as it can collapse and easily fit in your bug-out bag or pack. This is the best super portable filter you can find if you are okay with a little squeezing here and there.


Aquamira Shift Filtered Water Bottle

Aquamira_Personal_Water_FilterThis is both high quality and a classic standard for water filters. The Aquamira Shift Filtered Water Bottle is a product that does not require you to do anything special to filter your water. You simply unscrew the cap, fill it with water, screw the lid back on, and drink the water!

All the magic happens in the lid of the bottle as the entire filtering assembly has been concealed in it. This is something very neat and simple. However, be aware that these water filters can only be used 230 times or up to 50 gallons of water before the filter needs to be changed. The bottle can pack up to 24 ounces of water and handles like an ordinary bottle.

The superpower of the Aquamira Shift Vacuum Water Bottle is that its filter is a chemical filter. When filtered, your drinking water will have no bacteria, PFOA, or any PFAS. This is something you don’t find easily in the normal water filters available in the market. You may want to store this water filter in your bug-out bag or backpack.

Choose Your Water Filtering System

While searching the market for the best water filtering brands, you will find many types and varieties. What you need to consider when purchasing your product is your required amount of water at any certain time. And you have to be aware if you will be responsible for a single person or a whole group. The location and track along which you will be moving will also have significant importance in deciding the right water filter device. Assess all these factors, and once done, you can easily choose the right water filter, thus enjoying your adventures or worrying about water scarcity along the way.

Happy hiking! Happy surviving!



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