Top 6 Survival Food Brands

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Primarily, the one thing you would expect after a vast disaster or pandemic is chaos. The better part of the economy crashes, including industrial production of food. Such instances pose the major question: Are you well-prepared for with stockpiles of foods ready to take you through the shortages?

As some situations are inevitable, you can expect intense disasters to interfere with your daily meal routines. Your level of preparedness would determine whether you survive or starve. It is essential to stash enough food in advance, even though the chaotic situation may not seem to call for any preparations. It is usually recommended to have at least 4 days worth of food and water. More is even better.

Also, if you are planning to shift from your current residence, it would be best to keep your good health intact. This includes maintaining the ideal calorie levels or carrying along with health-related items, whether prescribed or for a good cause.

Being on the move would also influence the weight that the people who are accompanying you would tolerate along the journey. Each should have enough food supplies to take them through the time you’ll be on the road. Similarly, you should consider the time you are going to spend in one place, if possible, before proceeding to your destination.

Just a quick tip- you would do best with freeze-dried food in such circumstances, as they particularly demand significant saving of space. You can purchase prepackaged foods from any of these following top survival food brands.

Wise Company 52 Serving Prepper Pack

This popular brand for survival foods provides essential packages for any unpleasant scenario. It is set apart by state-of-the-art technologies to provide dehydrated and frozen foods. These include 120 servings for breakfast, 240 servings for emergency packages, 60-serving protein packs, and a 52 serving Prepper Pack.

The company also prepares several meals, each with the ideal flavors to give customers a wide array of options. The choices include everything from apple cinnamon oatmeal, pasta with veggies, savory stroganoff, and southwest rice and beans, to mention a few. It is also one of the best spots for anyone looking at gluten-free meal options.

In essence, Wise Company 52 Serving Prepper Pack is the ideal option for anyone who intends to settle themselves in one location for a long time. Even better, this brand suits your needs, especially if you want to store enough food.

Mountain House

Perhaps you can think of Mountain House as one of the most renowned survival food brands. Many times, it packages freeze-dried meals, with the portions being large enough to take someone through the most unpleasant survival situation. The list of food options includes turkey dinner casserole with a taste of home, and chili mac with beef, to mention a few.

Mountain House also includes a variety of breakfast options in its packages.  And it is backed by a 30-year taste guarantee.

Augason Farms 30-Day 1-Person Emergency Food Supply 

Augason Farms emergency ration kit to take one person for up to 30 days of a constant supply of food. Choices include plenty of potato, rice, cereal, dairy, soups, fruits, vegetables, and many more options. The meals come in an airtight bucket and have a 25-year shelf life.

The Augason Farms 30-day 1-person is significantly designed to provide a person with 1854 calories every day. This amount is adequate for anyone who plans on staying in one place. If you would be up and about, it would be best to carry additional packages of food.

MRE (Meals Ready-to-Eat Box A, Genuine U.S. Military Surplus

MRE Ready-to-Eat Meals includes 12 military spec Meals-Ready-to-Eat. Each of the 12 meals includes a main course, a snack, a desert, powder drink, and accessory pack. Meals come with a way to heat them as well.

Each meal is about 1250 calories per meal. This is not a light option at about 21 lbs, but that is the weight for the entire box.


Another similar and satisfactory alternative to Mountain House is Good-to-Go. One can compare the qualities of the two survival food brands to choose the ideal ones that best suit their needs. In essence, think of Good-to-Go as the go-to place for vegetarian and gluten-free meals. You can purchase anything across Mexican quinoa bowl, Indian vegetable Korma, and herbed mushroom risotto. Look around to see the variety this product comes in.

XMRE BLUE LINE Food Packs Shelf Stable, Fully Cooked Ready to Eat Meal Kit

XMRE BLUE LINE is specifically designed to help get ready for future emergencies.  These meals are protein, ready to eat, and are packed in light weight water proof materials. They also have a long shelf life.

Each full meal is made up of 1200 calories which includes a great variety of flavors.

Ready To Choose?

Evidently, you can attest to the wide options of survival foods offered by different brands. Choosing great quality freeze-dried products and ready to eat foods can seem overwhelming. However, one thing you should know is, you can never go wrong. You can start with any of the above survival food brands to solve your long-term problems.

If you aren’t sure what to go for, you can make small purchases from each brand to decide the one that suits your needs best. It will also give you an accurate picture of different food products. Nevertheless, it all runs down to calculating the amount of food that you will take as per your calorie needs.










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