Treating Water in an Emergency

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Whenever an emergency comes up, water is always a necessity. You might easily find a water source around, but you can’t be sure if it’s safe for human consumption. Treating water in an emergency is a lifesaver. So, how do you make sure that the water that you find is safe for drinking?

Having a water filter at hand can help you ensure that you always have access to clean drinking water, as they are inexpensive and lightweight.

Here are several kinds of effective water filters that can be used to make water safe for consumption.

Boiling Water

Boiling is a water filtration method that is mostly considered ‘old school,’ yet it works just fine  for treating water in an emergency . All you need to do is just take water from the available water source and place it on fire to boil for at least a minute. Boiling water is very advantageous as it is very easy and doesn’t take up much of your time. The only problem is that you can’t possibly drink boiling water. You’ll have to let it cool down a little longer before consuming.

Pump Water Filters

The most common method for filtering water is the use of pump filters. They are comprised of a small unit that goes into the water, that is connected to the main filtration unit through a flexible hose, and a pump. Most pump filters come with a built-in pre-filter that gets rid of sediments before the water s run through the filter, thus extending the usable life of the water.

For you to use a pump filter, dip the submersible end of the filter into the water, and the other end into the water bottle or reservoir that’s to be filled. Next, pump the water. Some types of pumps can be easily operated, unlike others, thus your level of experience may come in handy. Continue pumping until your water container is filled, then seal it properly.

Take out the filter pump’s submersible end from the water, and let each element of the filter dry out before packing it back. Pump filters are always an excellent option for water filtration as they can siphon water from a shallow source.

Adding Chemicals to Water

Chemicals are a pretty simple way to treat water. They are fast and take up just a little amount of effort. You simply fill a water container with water, put one or two tablets into the water, and then wait. This is where you exercise your patience to your limit, as the wait is never easy. This, however, depends on the size of your water container, as it can take up to a period of 30 minutes to 4 hours.

Using chemicals for water purification is pretty easy, but it can be quite inconvenient when you need water within a short time. Therefore, this method is most suitable for use as a backup plan for another water filtration method.

Gravity Filter Treatments

Gravity filters are very efficient in water filtration. You just let gravity take its cause on your water, and the water is filtered for you. These types of filters are composed of a water reservoir on both ends connected through a hose. A filter is then fitted in the middle or at the base of one of the reservoirs.

When using a gravity filter, you only need to find a water body that is large enough to fill up your reservoir. A water puddle may not be enough, but a lake, creek, or stream will suffice. You will want to fill up the reservoir with a sweeping motion underwater, then seal it well.

This will require you to find a raised place to secure your reservoir, like on a rooftop or a tree branch. As your water drains from the raised reservoir to the bottom reservoir, it will pass through the water filter. This process takes around 30 minutes but requires little effort.

Bottle Filters for Emergencies

Bottle filters are the easiest and fastest method for treating water in an emergency. They are comprised of a water bottle and a lid. A water filter is then connected to the inside of the lid. You should fill the water bottle with water from whatever available water source, and the water will go through the filter as you drink.

Though be aware that this method is usually reserved for single person use. Make sure each of your fellow survivalist brings along their own water emergency bottle filter.


Various water filtration methods can be used to purify water and make it suitable for human consumption. Learning more about each method will help you know the most appropriate to use. Besides, understanding these methods will help you choose one that works best in particular situations.




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